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"*First and foremost ~ a huge thank you to Chris ! His knowledge, expertise, and loyalty to his program and clients is exceptional. This Program was a life changing journey for me. Being in the healthcare field, I feel like a different person in just one week. I feel so much better, sooooo much better !!! Not only did I lose *8 pounds but I gained such an awareness of how proper intake of fluid, combinations of foods, timing of meals and exercise can truly transform your body. Ultimately this has redirected me to a much healthier lifestyle that I know I can sustain. Chris has given me such immense support on many levels. I can't say thank you enough Chris, you are an angel- SIMPLY THE BEST!"
Grafton, MA.




"I’ve spent a ton of time on my own trying to figure out ways to dial myself in for various occasions - vacations, weddings, etc. Months doing video programs, weeks in various group classes...this is the one program that put it all together for me in one place, and got me there in days. Workouts, meals, supplements, timing - I worked the program and the program worked. Not only that, but I learned a lot about my own self in terms of things like water intake, and when my body does or does not need large meals, that I will now incorporate into my normal everyday routine. If you are committed and want results and tools you can incorporate going forward, this the program for you.*"
Irvine, CA.




"This experience, working with Chris, and the results of E7 are extraordinary*. Yes, I am one of those people who have done a lot of different fitness, health and wellness weight-loss programs. I loved the the simplicity of the instructions for E7. The amount of food I ate was so much more than I expected. Most importantly the support I received from Chris was OUTSTANDING! I never felt alone and if I had a question, Chris’s response time was so fast — and when you are battling food issues, that is vital to success. There is nothing weird or out of the ordinary about the program- except everything is laid out for you, the supplements are natural and easy to find and again Chris is exceptional! I lost *9 pounds by my target date. I followed the directions, I ate as it requested, I exercised as prescribed and drank as much water as it asked... this works! Hands down! A great launch for me to begin getting back to the person I know I am underneath the pounds that have been waiting to leave my body. I will continue and remain committed to my personal health. I plan on doing this once a month until my goal weight and fitness is reached."*  
Redondo Beach, CA.




Like most people, I did the obligatory Thanksgiving feast (five helpings of everything): Aunt Susie’s cranberry sauce, stuffing/dressing, endless dessert (cookies, pies, etc.). A few days after thanksgiving my wife tells me that she signed us up for our 20th year wedding anniversary photo shoot (a month away). I cringed and immediately went into panic mode. It had been three months since I last visited a gym. I looked like I was gearing myself more towards winter hibernation rather than swimming trunks and flip flops. Luckily E7 came into my life and I lost 12 lbs*.
During the short program, not once did I feel hungry or deprived of any significant sustenance. This program was exactly what I needed to help my get back in the gym and eat healthier. I found the E7 easy to follow because of its layout (nutrition and training). Most of all, I liked the flexibility with choosing and preparing my meals and selecting my workouts."*
Torrance, CA.




"The E7 program was by far one of the best programs I have ever experienced from a multitude of various reasons. Not only is the program extremely effective in such a short period of time. It is amazing to see how quickly the program allows the body to tune into essential nutritional consumption, energy burning and usage while delivering excellent results. I felt like professional boxer on the program consuming water, cutting salt 
and several other secret sauces that you will have to try for yourself in the program. I walked away learning some additional and important things about my metabolism and my body. So not only was it a great program for achieving the results I expected but also from learning some additional tricks to add to my daily routine. I was already pretty lean and in top form and my diet was already at a high standard. I was still amazed to see and learn the level this program pushed my body and the results I achieved in such a short time. I felt I even got stronger and learned how much more I could push the limits of my nutritional and functional limits. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to jump start addressing multiple nutritional and functional areas in their life at the same time getting excellent results for a short goal as well."*
Orange County, CA.



Redondo Beach, CA


Hermosa Beach, CA